Background checks are useful in numerous situations. We conduct our background checks in a professional and thorough manner. Initially, we verify a subject’s full name and date of birth and then verify current and past residences.

A comprehensive search is conducted to determine civil litigation history, criminal records, sexual offender records, bankruptcies, business affiliations, professional licenses, marriage records, divorce, lawsuits and various other public records.

We also perform background checks on business entities and have access to various databases which are not available to the general public.

We also assist the business community with controlling workplace violence scenarios. If your company is anticipating a conflict situation or pending termination, then call our office immediately. We will provide highly trained investigators to stand by and prevent any violent activity.

We offer mobile forensic services which are highly valuable to criminal defense attorneys, parents that are concerned about their child’s cellphone activity, spouses or anyone in a relationship that need to recover lost data off of their phones. We can assist people in lawful possession of a cellphone or mobile device who need the information on it extracted.