Field Visit/Door Knock

T. Grant & Associates offers a statewide full service Field Visit Service commonly referred to as a “Door Knock.” Utilizing a door knock service is a cost effective way for mortgage and auto finance companies to reach out to customers that may have “gone dark” in the default process. If we are able to make contact with your customer and they are willing to talk, you can have a constructive discussion with some of the options that may be available to them. The agents are given strict instructions in order to remain compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

We offer a statewide door knock service performed by California State licensed Private Investigators. This gives our customers the peace of mind knowing that the agent representing their firm has the knowledge to complete a professional field visit. Each Investigator has a “one million dollar errors and omissions policy.”

Our door knock service includes but is not limited to the following:

• Contact and put the customer on the phone with your office.
• Contact neighbors to verify residency.
• Pictures of your home or collateral.
• Verify intentions regarding the loan.
• Obtain contact numbers and employment
• Use your “scripted” contact verbiage

The advantage of using a Private Investigator for your action is if court testimony is needed. All of our Investigators have the experience and credentials to ensure your firm is represented in a professional manner. We can serve legal documents; take statements and a variety of actions that may not be available through a standard door knock company.

The door knock will include a short synopsis of our findings as well as pictures of the residence or collateral if present. All information will be uploaded into our secure Recovery Database platform, “RDN” with all reports and photos that can be instantly reviewed and downloaded. We will email results to clients who do not utilize the RDN platform.

As we rolled this process out in pilot phase, we immediately saw that utilizing a Private Investigator had a greater impact on the loss mitigation process versus a standard door knock company. Your customers are presented with a professionally dressed Investigator who identifies the natural of the field visit and presents them with his or her Private Investigation License and a business card. We have seen a high percentage of return calls from cards left at the residence. A Private Investigators card will receive more return calls than a typical “door knock” company card.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We can visit your office to discuss specifics and pricing. Please review our site for other services offered.